OYSTERS (four per portion)

Served with nuoc cham dressing                             R120


We recommend ordering four to six plates to share

between two people.


Ciabatta                                                             R65 
with whipped butter and olive crumb                                               

Onion risotto with brûlée onions                              R115

Pan fried gnocchi with artichokes,                             R120

broad beans and lemon beurre noisette


Deep fried squid with tartare sauce                          R125 

Prawns                                                               R130
with chorizo, garlic aioli and sweetcorn salsa    

Seared tuna                                                        R130
with sun dried tomato and caper dressing

Chicken croquette                                                R95
with vintage cheddar and smoked paprika catalan


Steak tartare with XO                                            R140

Lamb vindaloo with fragrant basmati rice                  R150   

BBQ pulled pork steamed buns                               R125

Korean fried cauliflower with sweet soy                    R95

Roasted spiced butternut                                        R95
with sunflower seeds and chilli dressing 



Banana and cinnamon roll with dulce de leche         R95        

Vanilla crème brûlée                                             R95

Chocolate ganache with pecan nuts and Oreos        R100


We will always try to accommodate your food allergies, but our menu is small, seasonal, fresh and subject to change, we will not be able to accommodate all requests. Despite the best efforts of our kitchen, dishes may contain traces of allergens including, but not limited to nuts, seeds, wheat, shellfish, soy products, eggs and dairy.

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